COVID-19 guidelines for returning to school.

We are very excited to welcome back our students and staff this year and we are ready to take on school life amidst the Coronavirus pandemic.

We acknowledge the threat of the virus but we are confident that every precaution is being taken to keep the virus out of our school. If we all work together to ensure this happens then there will be no cause for worry.


  • High temperature/fever
  • Coughing
  • Shortness of breath/difficulty breathing
  • Loss of smell, taste or sore throat

Cabhraímis le chéile
Oibrímis le chéile
Víreas coinnithe ó dhoras
Indéanta le chéile
Dóchasach le chéile

Stay at home

If your child shows any of the symptoms of Covid-19, they must stay home from school.

Stay at home

If you think that any member of the household has or may have Covid-19, your child must stay home

Stay at home

Follow the Department of Health guidelines if your child has been identified as a close contact.

Symptoms at school

If your child develops any Covid-19 symptoms at school, they should inform the principal immediately.

Béasaíocht Riospráide

It is essential that everyone follows the guidelines regarding coughing, sneezing & hand washing.

Ceart Iontráil

The school has the right to refuse entry to any child showing symptoms of a fever or Covid-19.


Each year group will be assigned a classroom in which most of their classes will be taught.

One-way System

There will be a one-way system in place in the school hallways and outside.  

Face Masks 

Students must bring a clean mask with them every morning and wear them at all times inside.

Student Lockers

There will be no lockers in use. Each student will be given a plastic box which will be left in their main classroom.

Break & Lunch 

Students can eat their lunch inside but there will be assigned areas for each year group outside during break and lunch time.

Physical Education

Students have permission to wear their school tracksuit for the full day when they have PE class.

Entry to the School

Sanitising stations are located inside each of the main doors to the school.

Eating & Drinking

You should always wash your hands before you eat or drink. 


Sanitiser is located in all of the school bathrooms. Please use them after you use the toilet.

Moving Classroom

Sanitise your hands when entering or leaving a classroom.

Dirty Hands

You should always wash your hands when they are visibly dirty.

Coughing & Sneezing

Always wash your hands after coughing or sneezing.


Déanfar teagmháil le tuismitheoir/caomhnóir an scoláire láithreach. 

Temperature Check

Iarrfaidh an scoil cead go ndéanfar seiceáil teochta ar an scoláire

Isolation Room

Tabharfar an scoláire chuig seomra aonrúcháin chun measúnú a dhéanamh ar na siomptóim. 

Going Home

Rachaidh an scoláire abhaile le tuismitheoir nó caomhnóir. Ní bheidh cead dul abhaile ar an mbus. 


Caithfear coinne a eagrú más mian le tuismitheoir(í) nó caomhnóir(í) cuairt a thabhairt ar an bPríomhoide nó Leas-Phríomhoide. 


Beidh gá ort foirm rianú teagmhála a líonadh isteach ag oifig na scoile.

Call the Office

Nuair a shroicheann tú an scoil, ba chóir duit glaoch ar an oifig.  Nuair a bheidh an bal foirne réidh, beidh cead agat teacht isteach sa scoil.

Social Distance

Ba chóir duit achar fisiciúil 2 mhéadar a choinneáil idir tú féin & daoine eile.