Big Brother Big Sister Mentoring

The mentoring programme was established in Coláiste Muire to provide support for First Year students and help them make a smooth transition from primary school to post primary.

Students from 1st Year, Transition Year and 5th Year take part in the programme.

How does the programme work?

Each TY/5th Year student (Big Brother/Big Sister) is matched with a First Year student (Little Brother/Little Sister) according to individual interests and hobbies.

They meet once a week during the course of a school year and participate in games, sports, making lunch etc in the school.

Advantages of the Programme

The mentoring programme will provide a support system for First year students, which helps them settle in with ease to secondary school.

The programme has also allowed the mentors to develop communication skills and improve social competency.

Class Tutors

Each class has a Tutor (Teagascóir Ranga) who encourages, supports and monitors the progress of pupils in a particular class.

A Class Tutor can assist in dealing with difficulties at an early stage, can build a positive morale in the class and contribute to a good year group spirit. He/she will also liaise regularly with the Year Head (Ceannaire Bliana). 

 In Colaiste Muire the role of class teacher is voluntary. 

Class Tutors 2020/21

1st Years: Iníon Nic Aodha

2nd Years: Iníon Ní Chatháin / Iníon Uí Mhaoileoin

3rd Years: Iníon Uí Mháille / Iníon Ní Lachtnáin / An tUasal Mac Giobúin

Transition Years: Iníon Ní Cheallacháin

5th Years: An tUasal Ó Briain

6th Years: Iníon Uí Lachtnáin / Iníon Uí Bhaoill 

Year Head

He/she is a member of pastoral care team in conjunction with the teagascóir ranga. 

The Year Head meets with pupils if and when necessary.

They deal with disciplinary matters (in conjunction with principal and vice principal, depending on severity) and is a member of the coiste smachta.

Year Heads 2020/21

Íníon Uí Ghráda is the year head for our Junior students and tUasal De Búrca for our Senior students.


An tAthair Ó Cionnaithe provides an invaluable service to the school, not only in providing Liturgies and Chaplaincy services but also in the area of counselling.

An tAthair Ó Cionnaithe is available to meet students individually and to talk to parents.

School Chaplain

An tAthair Ó Cionnaithe is our School Chaplain in Coláiste Muire.