Coláiste Muire has a very active Student Council

The Student Council is comprised of two democratically elected representatives from each year group.

Student Council 2020/2021

The Students’ Voice

 It is the official voice of the students; the avenue through which the students have an input into the running of the school.

The council holds monthly meetings during which the students have the opportunity to raise issues that concern them.

A designated teacher attends the meetings and the Principal also attends at various stages throughout the year.

Coláiste Muire’s student’s council liaison teacher is Íníon Ní Chatháin.

Regular Meetings

Student council elections are held every September and the new council elects a Chairperson, Secretary and PRO at their inaugural meeting.

Minutes are recorded at every meeting. Each representative is invited to raise issues that their class are concerned about.

The issue is discussed at the meeting and a course of action relating to that issue is decided upon by the council. 


Throughout the academic year the Students Council holds various activities for the student body, most notable the annual Tug o’ War competition and the Christmas Talent Show.

In the weeks and days prior to such events the students council will meet on a more regular basis than monthly, as the need arises.

Members of the student’s council also examine school policy documents and have the opportunity to suggest amendments prior to the policies being officially put in place.